My Years as a Sportswriter

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Kammeyer Misses Life in Baseball/Sacramento Union/August 1981

Most of the stories from my Union days don’t really have a “backstory.” This one definitely does. First off was this interview, which was done over the phone. I always remembered that when I asked Kammeyer about what he missed about playing, and he talked about the “certain feelings” he got at night, he was obviously crying. The second thing came about 20 years later, when I was playing adult baseball in Sacramento’s Men’s Senior Baseball League. During the 2002 season, the last full season I ended up playing, Bob was on my Yankees 40-and-over team. He was in his 50s, and wasn’t dominant, but he was a solid pitcher in the league, and he pitched our final playoff game, a tough 4-3 loss. In early 2003, he suddenly passed away, a real shock to everyone . . .